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Welcome to the Airodis Demo download


Airodis Demo provides you with the ability to download data from all of the supported Airodis data loggers and instruments, review downloaded data and generate basic graphs. You can also export data in .CSV format.

You can discover more on the various tiers of Airodis here


The Airodis Demo software is very useful and will also provide you with a good understanding of what the full Airodis package can do for you.


Installation Instructions


In order to use the demo you need to download the appropriate version  for your operating system, either 32 or 64 bit. There is no need to download any dependencies as the installer will check for the appropriate version of .net framework and download it as part of their install.

The 32 bit version will run OK on 32 and 64 bit platforms but the 64 bit installer will refuse to allow an install on a 32 bit platform.
How do I check this?

1 - Download the appropriate Airodis demo version.
2 - Run the installer on the target pc.
3 - Follow the installer prompts, accept defaults and download the .net Framework 4 if required
4 - Run the Airodis demo.
5 - Register the demo with Ecotech when prompted.

The demo will also check for online updated when it is started, if it is connected to the internet.


Download one of the following Airodis files and follow the above installation instructions.

If you require additional help or would like to upgrade to the full version please contact us.

    Download 64 bit Airodis Demo


   Download 32 bit Airodis Demo