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Data Loggers


Airodis communicates with a wide variety of instruments and data loggers to automatically download data for incorporation into the SQL database.

If you don't already have a data logger than we'd recommend using Ecotech's WinAQMS Data Acquisition System which communicates seamlessly with Airodis.

Ecotech's offers two main data acquisition platforms which each utilise Ecotech's WinAQMS software.

WinAQMS Data Acquisition System

A Data Acquisition System utilised in air quality and/or emissions monitoring should do far more than simply collect data:


  • It should provide a means for remotely checking the system and each individual analyzer
    (enabling faults to be quickly diagnosed and often remedied without visiting the system)
  • It should enable analyzers and calibration system to be configured remotely
    (avoiding costly onsite visits to the station)
  • It should reliably log data directly from the instruments in digital form
    (eliminating noise present in analog signals)
  • It should automatically warn the user of measurement exceedances or events such as calibration failures
  • It should be easy to use

The WinAQMS data acquisition system is designed to provide users with all these benefits, and much more.......