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 Data Collection


Airodis’s advanced data collection capabilities allow downloading of data from a wide range of industry leading data loggers, through a variety of different communication methods.

Airodis quickly downloads data from multiple data loggers simultaneously over a variety of communication media. Data which has already been download can easily be imported from a CSV formated file.

Airodis enables the user to easily program automatic download periods from 1 minute to 24 hours, so that data will be automatically downloaded without user intervention. When combined with automatic report generation, the entire downloading and reporting cycle can be automated. Reports can then be published to the screen, sent via email or FTP'd to a website.



  • Automates entire data retrieval process
  • Manually or automatically download data from a wide variety of loggers
  • Communicates with a wide variety of environmental data loggers
  • MS SQL Multi user access


Airodis provides for data to be collected remotely from a variety of different loggers over a wide variety of communication media including:


  • RS232
  • TCP/IP
  • 3G network
  • Dial up network
  • data file
  • SQL Multi user access


Airodis downloads data from the following dataloggers/instruments:

  • EnviDAS
  • Campbell Scientific PakBus Protocol
  • Campbell Scientific TOA5 Protocol
  • Campbell 200 series
  • DT500 Series
  • DT800 Series
  • DT100 Series
  • Ecotech EC98xx
  • Ecotech EC984x
  • Ecotech EC9400DAS
  • Ecotech MicroVol
  • Ecotech HVS3000 High Volume Air Sampler
  • Ecotech Nephelometer
  • Ecotech Serinus
  • Ecotech WinAQMS
  • ESC 8816/8832
  • Met One BAM1020
  • MetOne E-BAM
  • MetOne E-Sampler
  • MinData 3500 Series
  • Opsis
  • Thermo TEOM 1400
  • Thermo TEOM 1405

File Imports Supported:


  • Airodis Data Format (AFD)
  • CSV file types
  • WinAQMS WAD File Format

However, if your logger isn't supported, then Airodis makes it easy to write your own communication scripts in order to download data from any data logger.



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