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Airodis Web Module

The Airodis web module makes producing sophisticated web pages displaying your data reports easy. Data can be displayed on a web page in multiple formats and provides the user with total control to view both current and historical data for multiple time period using just a web browser.

Any report created in Airodis can be generated using a web browser for a custom date range. All that is required is for the Airodis administrator, using the Web Module, to generate one or more "permalinks" which can then be embedded into a web site by a website administrator.

Multiple report outputs can be generated for embedding and include:

  • HTML
  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • Adobe PDF
  • CSV & TXT
  • JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF & EMF graphical formats
  • AQS & AirNow formats


Depending on the output format, the link when opened in a web browser may open in a new browser tab or prompt to be saved to disk or opened by an external application. eg MS Word.

The Airodis Web Module provides the administrator with a sophisticated easy to use web development tool.

 A simple example of what can be achieved is shown here.



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