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Airodis is a powerful software package for environmental data management including retrieving, visualising, alarming, validating and presenting data collected from a variety of environmental monitoring systems.

Airodis provides support for single or multi user installations providng users with the most stable, streamlined and easy to use environmental data analysis package available.

Whether your monitoring network consists of a single station or 500 stations, Airodis’s features allow you to make the most of your valuable data.



  • Design based on .Net technology for use in Microsoft Windows XP/7
  • Uses MS SQL database
  • Automatic dialup and simultaneous download of data from multiple loggers
  • Sophisticated data validation
  • Data validation graph makes it easy to select data
  • Data for any period can be validated with drop and drag reasons
  • Fully traceable auditing of data with audit log
  • Virtual stations features allows validation and graphing of data from different stations in the same screen
  • Multi-lingual design
  • Enables customers to write their own communication protocols for any data logger
  • Easily customisable tabular and graphical data reports
  • Supports easy generation of data reports on web sites